Pair 2017

Hipped Vessel 2019 (29cm high)

Loewe Craft Prize - Shortlisted 2017

Low Flection Bowl - 2019

Low Flection Bowl - 2019

Pair of Ipseity Vessels - 2019

Spine Camber Vessels - 2019

White Camber Vessel 2019

Kyoto Exhibition 2019

Low Flection Vessel. 16cm high.

Faceted Esker Vessel (36.5cm high)

Loewe Store 2019

Camber Vessel 2018, 23.5cm high

Exhibition 'Chance Encounters 3', Miami, 2017.

Exhibition 'Disobedient Bodies', The Hepworth Gallery, Wakefield

Flection Vessel, 31.5cm high. 2018

Solo Exhibition 2018, Erskine Hall & Coe, London

Copper-Speckle Camber Vessel, 21cm high

Flection Vessel 2017, 26cm high

Flection Vessel, 23cm high

Orange Speckle Spine Camber Vessel, 10cm high

White Shoulder Camber Vessel, 30cm high

Yellow Camber Vessel, 25cm high. Permanent Collection, National Museum of Ireland, 2018

Yellow Spine Camber Vessel, 25.5cm high

Camber Vessel, 28.5cm high

Esker Vessel

Esker Vessel Cluster - 'Vase Function Reviewed' Exhibition 2016

Esker Vessels

Faceted Esker Vessel Group, 40cm, 36cm, 38.5 cm high

Group of Spine Camber Vessels

Line Vessel

Pair Camber Bowls - Celadon-Yellow, Manganese-Black

Pair Camber Vessels

Pair of Flection Vessels 2

Pair Spine Camber Vessels

Pair White Spine-Camber Vessels

Pieces in the Permanent Collection of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge


White Camber Vessel, 33.5cm high

White Spine Camber Vessel

Yellow Camber Vessel, 30cm high

Spine Camber Vessels, 26cm, 26.5cm high

Flection Vessel, 33cm high

Copper Shoulder Vessels, 16.5cm, 23cm. 109cm high.

Shoulder Vessels, 18cm, 15cm high

Pair of Flection Vessels, 27.5cm, 29.5cm high

Ipseity Vessel, 26.5cm high