I was born in Cork, Ireland in 1971, and trained in the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork City.
My studio is in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Concentrating on the challenges of thrown forms, which are then altered and changed at varying stages of the drying process, I produce Sculptural Decorative Vessels. In essence, the major concerns that my work deals with are a love of the qualities of thrown clay, an on-going relationship with porcelain and a fascination with the theme of the vessel, in both literal and abstracted interpretations.

Having begun my career producing small-scale functional pots, as my skill has increased I have moved entirely into making one-off vessels which are purely sculptural in their intent.
Currently the main elements feeding the development of the work are Process and Finish; coupled with constant exploration and a deepening understanding of Form and Volume. Sympathy with my material is a major aspect feeding how I work and what I make.

A crucially important aspect of my thinking and development of ideas involves play. Experimenting. Trying things out which often initially don't work. This uninhibited part of my making-cycle involves risk-taking, failure and critical understanding. I have good days and bad days.

In 2016 I explored new works in Bronze for my 3rd Solo Exhibition in London with Erskine Hall & Coe. More details about my motivation for the new material is discussed within the Image Gallery for the Bronzes.